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Disney World Magic Kingdom Peter Pan’s Flight

Peter Pan’s Flight opens on October 3, 1971, at Walt Disney World, on the park’s third
day in business. Based on the 1953 animated film, guests board vessels (attached to rails above) and “soar” over the skies of London.The load/unload area features Omnimover-style moving ramps, like those found at the Haunted Mansion, to allow for a smoother flow of traffic. The scenes in the ride are on a larger scale and feature Audio-Animatronic figures. Upon entering the very beginning of the nursery, a play tea party featuring two famous toys, Raggedy Ann and Andy, can be seen. The Lost Boys camp and Mermaid Lagoon are now a part of the Never Land scene. Also, Hook’s 48-foot pirate ship is included, complete with deck, masts, sails and rigging. Guests see Hook and Peter engaged in hand-to-hand combat on the mainsail, while the boys are lashed to the mast and Wendy is about to walk the plank. Then, guests see Peter and the Darlings posed victoriously on the ship, poised to sail into the sky, back to London.

New Post has been published on EpicMouse

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Disney World Haunted Mansion

At Walt Disney World Resort, the Haunted Mansion closed for refurbishment on June 8, 2007 and reopened September 13, 2007.

Changes to this version of the attraction during the refurbishment included the addition of a new audio system for the Ghost Host that makes it seem as if the spirit is circling above visitors’ heads, new red, blue, and gold wallpaper (related to the paper at Disneyland but instead of green, it has blue), different and enhanced lighting throughout the attraction, and new stretching sound effects for the stretching room. The gargoyles in the stretching room now whisper with messages of “Stay Together”, and emit child like giggles after the stretching room sequence. An exclusive Escher-esque staircase scene has replaced the empty dark banister area covered in cobwebs and the giant orange spiders. After the staircase scene, there are all new ghoulish eyes that glow while monstrous sounds echo through the halls. The foyer music has been changed to a lower key as well as taken out of the corridor hallways, though it can still be heard briefly in the conservatory.

The original attic sequence is now replaced with the new Disneyland attic scene including the five changing husband portraits and featuring the new Constance. The other major Disneyland enhancements were also implemented at Walt Disney World including the floating version of Madame Leota with a much clearer projection, and The Sinister 11 (the portraits with the following eyes) were replaced with the changing portraits from Disneyland’s portrait gallery. Seven of the Sinister 11 are now located in the loading area of the ride (These include Jack the Ripper, Arsonist, Mariner, Vampire, Witch of Walpurgis, and the Ghost Host) while the other four are located in various parts of the mansion.

The voices of the graveyard ghosts minus the deaf old man, the singing busts, and the mummy were re-recorded with new singers (the mummy has since been replaced with a new voice), and the audio tracks now seem to come from the singer when near them. The decapitated knight is now silent and all the hearse ghosts sing the words. The once blue/purple ghosts are now green as well. A sharp-eyed guest will also notice that the Hitchhiking Ghosts now have empty sockets for eyes. The Doom Buggies have been fixed to a much more quiet sound than the high squeaking sound before the refurbishment.

No More Extra Magic Hours for Splash Mountain at Disney World

Beginning August 26, 2012, Splash Mountain will no longer be part of the evening Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. The Enchanted Tiki Room and Country Bear Jamboree will now be available during evening Extra Magic Hours. I’m pretty bummed about this, since riding Splash Mountain at night is one of the most fun experiences one can have.

New Nighttime Show Coming to Magic Kingdom

Beginning this November, guests visiting Magic Kingdom Park will be able to enjoy a new nighttime projection show on Cinderella Castle. “Celebrate the Magic” will incorporate favorite elements from the current show, “The Magic, The Memories and You!,” with all-new music, storytelling and special effects.

“‘Celebrate the Magic’ takes us on a journey to the heart of the most beloved Disney stories and characters,” said Show Director Katy Harris. “This amazing show will magically transform Cinderella Castle with spectacular projection effects, choreographed to a new music soundtrack. The show will be full of emotion and storytelling, proving that, with imagination and magic in our hearts, anything is possible.”

“The Magic, The Memories and You!” will be presented for the last time on Labor Day, September 3, at both Magic Kingdom Park and Disneyland park. While “Celebrate the Magic” will be exclusive to Magic Kingdom Park, Disneyland Resort guests can look forward to the return of “it’s a small world” holiday later this year, as well as the debut of a new live entertainment experience in the Fantasyland Theatre, opening in summer 2013.

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